Family Intervention

   The Addiction Solution



  • Intervention is easier than you think

When a family experiences the guidance and organizational skills provided by a Los Angeles Intervention Specialist, challenging logistics smoothly fall into place regardless of location or other perceived hurdles. The former paralysis and fear created by addiction fades and the solution becomes attainable


  • Family unity overcomes addiction

The power of the intervention is in family strength and unity. As a Los Angeles Intervention Specialist, David has helped countless families torn apart by addiction strengthen within just a few short hours as they prepare for their intervention. They develop confidence in new and constructive ways to help the addicted person get help.


  • Now is the time

You don’t have to wait for the situation to change on its own and your loved one or to “hit bottom” insuring an extremely difficult recovery.  It won’t get better; it only gets worse on its own. A Los Angeles Intervention quickly and powerfully interrupts this deadly downfall in a way that benefits everyone involved.


  • Experienced and credentialed

Mr. Christopher is one of the strongest intervention specialists in the country. As an addiction expert since 1987 and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1993, Mr. Christopher has provided over five hundred interventions and tens of thousands of hours of therapy. Like a physician or an attorney, a license is required for a therapist to practice.  Any interventionist should be experienced and a licensed therapist, not merely be certified or registered. When you work with Mr. Christopher as your Los Angeles Intervention Specialist, you know your private information is protected in a privileged, therapeutic relationship.


  • Interventions work

It’s not just the addicted person who feels the benefits of a Los Angeles Intervention; whole families heal. Even if the addicted person refuses treatment at the time (which happens about once or twice in ten interventions), it is more likely that they will accept help within a year of the intervention because the family has changed their behaviors.

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